Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bhutanese Community of Houston History...

 Bhutanese Community of Houston is the name of Bhutanese Community in Houston which established on July 1st 2009 by Bhadra Rai and other volunteer members.

The Bhutanese Community of Houston is non profit 
organization which help to improve the Bhutanese living in and nears Houston Area. With the help of other non- profit organizations our goal is to help our people’s transition into  America and make it a great experience. Our goal is to see  community with jobs, steady income, sound health  and a place to call home.
            We would like to see all prosper here in the United States of America. So if you  like to support  this Community and have suggestions, please do not hesitate and contact @:
We  lend our hands and hope the best for this new coming generation.
Some link:

      " The past is gone as a Refugee,
            Present is full with opportunities,

            And the future is the citizenship life"

                                           -Bhadra Rai
                                       Exe.Director& Founder


  1. Yes I like this Bhutanese Community of Houston in Texas.but we are Bhutanses from Bhutan.

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  3. मैले पनि अमेरिकामा आएर अमेरिकाको बहिरा र श्रेवन सेवामा गएर सन्कृतिक सिके । त्यही सन्कृतिकमा सिकेपछी मैले प्रमाण पाएको छु । अहिले म सि. आर. आर. मा वोलुन्तेर को लागि सानो काम गर्दै छु । हरेक सोमबार देखी बिहीवार सम्मा समय ८।३० देखी १२ बजे सम्मा भएको छ । मैले अमेरिका को सन्कृतिक भाषा मा सिकाउने र अक्तिओन देखाउने सबै कुरा सिकेको छु । (CRR) mean Career & Recovery Resources Inc ,Deaf & hard of Hearing Services